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Saudi Alucast

In Madina Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia, SAUDI ALUCAST is an Expansion and
Diversification Project of Al-Esra Aluminium (Samaren Group of Companies).

In Madina Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia, SAUDI ALUCAST is an Expansion and Diversification Project of Al-Esra Aluminium (Samaren Group of Companies). The existing company Al-Esra Aluminium Serves the construction industry with Structural and Decorative Cast, Fabricated and Coated products for local customers. Whereas, the New Project, Saudi Alucast aims at diversification of the products as well as customers base.


The Primary Objective of this Expansion Project is to build a facility which is capable of producing High Quality Engineering Parts to serve Local and International Industrial Sectors. The major and potential customers are Armed Forces, Oil Field Sector, Automotive sector, and Aerospace Industry.


The Expansion will increase the production capacity to a total of 5,000 Tons per year of High Quality Product.






Phase Of Construction

Project Feasibility

The feasibility study of the project was carried out by Frost & Sullivan, a leading international Growth-Consulting Firm.

Upon the study, it was evaluated and found that the Project is Technically and Commercially viable with reference to Market Potential in GCC and MENA region (major countries), optimum production capacity, Geographical statistics, Competition (identified based on current and future manufacturers), Raw Material availability, Utilities Requirement, Capital Expenditure, Environmental Impact and other Financial Parameters.

Market Potential

Government Support for Local Manufacturers

The Vision 2030 program includes a key feature of supporting and increasing the Local Manufacturing of the required product which will encourage the local manufacturers and increase business potential for them.

This vision is powered by NIDLP (National Industrial Development and Logistics Program), which is an appreciable Initiative of present government. It will be a Strong Support and will facilitate the growth of Industrial Sector.

Investment Opportunities

Aluminium Foundary Alloys Plant.


Aluminium Wheels & Casting Plant.


Plant for Manufacturing Alternator.


Plant for Manufacturing A/C Compressor.

Integrating towards a prosperous future.

Potential Customers

  • International Customer :   Since the foundry sector in Europe and America is closing down, they are in search of good production facilities in other parts of the world, and GCC region is a region of interest for western customer because of being easily accessible and having low cost of energy.
  • Domestic Customer :  Saudi Arabia is a big market and has a huge Consumer base, which indicates the volume of the domestic and industrial products required on a daily bases and the potential for the manufacturer
  • In Hand Projects (Al-Esra Aluminium) :  In addition to the new business, around 20% of the Alucast Production Capacity will be utilized for producing the castings required for In-Hand projects of Al-Esra Aluminium.

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